Clue One

For the first stage of your quest, you’ll need to use a map.

Starting here, below the Norman construction site now inhabited by students, find the only
body of water that can mimic the act of clothing. But be warned, the hydronym doesn’t
sound how it is spelt.

Follow south along the banks until you reach the support that bares the written words of
Sir Walter Scott.

Travel north along The South B, only stopping when you reach the third Saint.
Head west up the lane named after the animal, until you reach a colour! What word comes
before the colour?

Remember all answers contain no spaces or capital letters

Highlight the invisible text below to reveal the answer.

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There are numerous streets with “North” and “South in their title. Which is South B? Take a look on google maps for the streets that match the descriptions in the clue. Remember you are heading for a place with a colour in the title.
Starting here, where is “here”? Lots of buildings in Durham were built by the Normans, but which one is inhabited by Students? Look for some water whose name is connected to something you would do with clothing.