Clue Three

Looking for an ocean getaway near to you? Then head to the nearby town “Marine

Once you’re here, drink in the fresh sea air and head for some food and drink at the
shoreside café that starts white but turns pink after eating, mostly shrimp.
Take a stroll south down the edge of the coast – passing through a notably rocky
shore containing scientific liquids before reaching the tip of a face.
Looking south once more, you may finally be able to play in the water again, build sand
castles, and watch the tide come in and out. Not long in the past, you would see cameras
and actors making a movie here. Which film series are they making? One word with five

Remember all answers contain no spaces or capital letters

Highlight the invisible text below to reveal the answer.

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Sometimes place names are hidden in the meaning of words. Take a look at place names near the coast, could anything fit with “Marine” and “Porcine”? Go east and stick close to the sea. Which animal starts white and turns pink because of their diet? Follow the clues south, paying close attention to the names of the beaches.

Following the clue, what is the final beach you arrive at? Can you find a very famous science fiction film that was made here?