Clue Four

Take your map, start at no place and travel north east till you hit former Pit Hill where the past lives. Find a very co-operative society founded in 1844, opposite a fiftieth celebration for the queen.  Here you will need to find M. Goldsmith to repair my radio. In his transport is where you’ll find the coin.
What three numbers should I phone to find him?

Remember all answers contain no spaces or capital letters

Highlight the invisible text below to reveal the answer.

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How is it possible for you to start at No Place, Take a look on a County Durham Map. Where was Pit Hill? You’ll need to use your little yellow man for this one?

We need to go back in time for this, but how can you go back in time in Durham? Take a look at the map and visit a town frequented by the characters of Downton Abbey – look down the street.