Clue Six

William Armstrong’s 10 meter wheel is the largest in our Durham – watch it spin, water
cascading down, at the site of “Murder Wish”, three miles North West of Wearhead. We’re at the home of Paddington Bear, or Potters Bar, or Public Bar, Pink Bathroom – what they have in common will help lead the way.

Wandering round looking for the talented Doctors travelling tribute. 

How many tiles?

Remember all answers contain no spaces or capital letters

Highlight the invisible text below to reveal the answer.

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Remember to stay in Durham, which wheel is the largest built by Armstrong? We’re looking for a place whose name could mean “Murder Wish” – PB is relevant here. You’ll need to visit the exact site and follow the clue!

Head to the website of Killhope museum! Take a look at the things you could do, “Rub a Dub Dub, Three men in a…”? How many tiles? 

Remember, visit the SITE