Clue Seven

When unable to travel, sometimes a virtual tour is the only way to go sightseeing. For this you will need a virtual map. Keep this in mind here. In times gone by you may wish to travel by cart, or trap down
Keverstone Bank – stop off here to “Discover” a tour at the dramatic 14th century fortress.

What an amazing entrance and grounds this place has. The first house an old visitor would arrive at is where you need to look. The coin is hidden below a collection of a farrier’s friends. Prove you have visited this place by telling me how many there are, attached to the wall by the gate.

Remember all answers contain no spaces or capital letters

Highlight the invisible text below to reveal the answer.

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You’ll need to find Keverstone Bank! Look for the big fotress style house near here and head there!

The very first place a visitor would arrive is not the castle itself, but the gatehouse! Head here and look for the objects that a farrier would deal with attached to the wall.